Thursday, August 1, 2013

Women who orgasm with their man always come back for more

How do you know that you are giving your woman an orgasm? 

One sure way to tell that she is happy in the sheets with you, is if she is coming back for more.  When a women has an orgasm with her partner she begins to get attached to him, and that amazing feeling that she gets from him giving her an orgasm, she wants to feel it over and over again.  Not only does it feel good but her body is releasing hormones that are like a drug, natures drug.  The effect is so potent that if she continues on a regular bases having amazing sex with her man and having multiple orgasms, she wont want to stop.  The point being is a pattern that men often do that make a woman crazy, they pull away....this is more typical than realized and happens early in a relationship, which eventually leads to disaster, leaving the woman wondering what happened and the man confused because he just needs a break.

This is where the intense attachment begins, and can continue into a wonderful relationship if a man falls in love with the woman, or it can turn into a nasty breakup.   One way to avoid the intense attachment for both a woman and a man is to take it slow in the beginning of a relationship.  Our bodies were designed to produce life and when a man makes a women feel good in bed and gives her orgasms her body will crave him over and over again. 

For women it has been proven that when she has an orgasm she is more likely to get pregnant because the uterus contracts pulling in the man's sperm.  This increases the odds of that sperm meeting her egg quicker.  This is a great way for a women who is trying to get pregnant to have that baby quicker, so if the two of you are just having sex for fun, make sure to use protection! 

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