Monday, December 8, 2014

Tie Him up, Control and Tease him with your SEXY BODY

Fifty Shade of Grey, opened the door for other topics to be brought to light, such as Fifty Shades of Gretta the woman who dominated her man (not a real book yet).  We forget to see that sex play is more then Fifty Shades and can be played out in hundreds of ways.  As a clinical sexologist I help men and couples with their sex lives. For some men it is a freeing experience for them to accept their submissive side and learn to enjoy it. 

Is it really that strange that a man would enjoy being dominate by a woman at least some of the time?

When a woman sexually dominates a man, it can take the pressure off of him to perform sexually and give him the freedom to just enjoy the experience.  In my new book Intimacy Guidebook for Couples one of the exercises that I recommend for couples is to take turns being in control of the sexual experience.  One night she can control him and the next night he may decide to control her or ask her to take over again...........

The exercise works well because it gives the couple permission to play outside the normal sexual routine that they many have fallen into.  When a woman takes control over a man she can push her own sexual boundaries as well, feeling how it is to tell her man what to do, or perhaps just do what she pleases to him sexually.

When a woman controls the man sexually, he is giving himself to her and trusting that she will take care of him even if she decides to spank, peg or cane him, she still has to be responsible for his safety.  What may appear to be the woman in control it really about the trust and her taking care of him while she is sexually pleasing herself. 

For the next round of sexual play why not tie him up, control and tease him with your sexy body, click the LELO picture to view some sexy straps......!

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