Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Maintenance Sex Is Crucial To Your Wellbeing

Maintaining optimal health in all areas of your life will have a direct impact on your overall wellbeing.  Most people will agree that maintaining your weight, your appearance, overall health, and even promoting healthy relationships is crucial to a healthy lifestyle.   
When a person is in a long term relationship it is crucial to maintain a healthy sex life that both people enjoy.  Not only is maintenance sex healthy for the relationship but it is also healthy for the body and the mind.  Having regular orgasms can regulate hormones, strength PC muscles, relieves stress and bring a couple closer together by sharing deeper intimacy.  Maintenance sex should not be confused with duty sex or have a negative stigma attached to it.  Over all optimal maintenance sex should involve both people having an orgasm and enjoyment of the experience.

For men their bodies adjust to a pattern of sexual release, if they are not climaxing with their partner then most men will masturbate to keep that sexual routine going.  If a man suddenly changes his sexual routine to limited climaxing, then he may feel a decrease in desire and even lower testosterone levels over time.  Having maintenance sex is one way to elevate this as well as provide optimal health.

For women having maintenance sex with orgasm, can help to strengthen PC muscles, regulate her hormones and have a positive effect on her desire.  When having an orgasm, powerful hormones are released that help to relieve stress as well as temporary pain relief.  In some women with chronic UTI maintain sex 3 times a week can help lessen chronic UTI from happening, as the body becomes used to the bacteria and is less likely to be affected by it, referred to as Honeymoon cystitis. 

Maintenance sex should be placed in the category of optimal health benefits and be enjoyed from that same perspective.  One thing for sure, those couples that do have maintenance sex reported a closer intimate relationship with their spouse as well as less fighting over the little things.

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