Sunday, January 16, 2011

Married couples getting into the swing of being swingers

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As couples grow older together and continue to lead a healthy live style and their sex drive is still going strong, many of these couples are turning towards spicing up their marriages by getting involved in swinging.  This is when the couple either engages in a group of swingers switching partners or they come up with an arrangement for an open marriage.  More so than an open marriage swinging seems to be more acceptable than open marriage because the couple is still maintaining, rules surrounding the experience. 

Many times it includes another person in the bedroom, or switching with another married couple.  This life style is not for everyone and in some relationships it has been the demise of the marriage, but for others it has been an unexpected turn of events in the marriage.  The children have the left the house and the couple finds themselves alone with each other once again and they are looking for new to ways to add passion back into their sex lives, so they ask around and have heard that there is a large group of married couples that are into swinging. 

For more information on swinging read this article in Examiner and find out three of the hottest swingers hangouts in Los Angeles.

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