Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The three silent killers that destroy marriage overtime

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Beyond the idea of love, friendship and even sexual intimacy, (which is one part of marriage.) there are three elements in a marriage that gradually over time may become a silent killer and lead to divorce.

The reason that these three elements become a silent killer in marriage is because they happen gradually overtime and without the married couple even realizing what is happening.

They are:
1.  A loss of respect for one another.
2.  No longer showing appreciation towards one another.
3. Showing little to no affection towards one another in the marriage.

The problem occurs as time goes by and married couples forget to nurture their marriage. Often times one assumes that those three elements are in place: Respect, appreciation and affection but surprisingly they no longer exist in the marriage. To understand that there is a problem to begin with is the first step towards fixing it. The next step is to bring the respect back into the marriage and appreciate the little things. Make an effort to show more affection towards your spouse.

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