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The best way for a wife can to give her husband oral sex or "head"

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Oral sex can be a topic that many couples in marriage are often embarrassed to talk about, but in reality it is a natural part of sexual intimacy. Both men and women enjoy oral sex in marriage and especially men enjoy their wives to give them oral sex or “good head”. When talking about oral sex for a man it is important for a woman to find out how to properly perform oral sex on her husband and understand what he likes. Not only is it helpful to know how to engage in oral sex, but also to fully understand a man’s penis and what to do with it.

"I personally wrote this article for women, who are too embarrassed to talk about oral sex with their husbands, but who what to know what to do. As a marriage counselor and sexologist, I feel it is my job to pass on relevant information to other women, and this happens to be one subject that women want to know but will not ask. They may also want to know if oral sex should be a part of the sexual intimacy between husband and wife and how often it should be done. My advice is that men tend to thoroughly enjoy oral sex receiving it and getting it, so it can enhance the sex in marriage quite a bit. The other factor is that sometimes a woman may not want to have intercourse but still wants to please her husband and this a great way to make him a very happy man. The decision to have oral sex and how often should be talked about between a husband and wife. There is no set standard and it will vary in every couple.

The first and most important step about a wife giving her husband oral sex is the fact that she wants to do it. This is a selfless sexual act done by a wife that wants to bring pleasure to her husband for the sole purpose of pleasing him. This is a very powerful statement and needs to be understood by both husband and wife.

He also has to entrust his wife to take the upmost care of his delicate penis while placing it in her mouth. There is nothing sexier than for a wife to want to please her husband in this manner and there is no quicker way to bring a man to orgasm. When a woman is giving her husband oral sex she is in complete control over him, deciding on when to give him pleasure and when to take it away.

he act of oral sex for a wife giving this to her husband is out of love, desire and pleasing him while empowering herself. Many women may see this as a submissive act, but that is far from the truth, again this is about a husband and a wife enjoying the intimacy between them and a man trusting his wife enough to be careful with him and her wanting to bring him pleasure in this way.

What a wife needs to know about a man's penis and the terminology:
Glans (head) this is the top of the penis and is designed for penetration
Corona ridges the tender ridge that encircles the base of the head where it meets the shaft.
Frenulum this is considered the man’s “V” spot which is ultra sensitive and between the head and the shaft.
Meatus (urethra opening) these are like two tiny lips at the head, not a place to poke around in.
Shaft the length of the penis.
Scrotum (ball sack) the soft part that holds the testis.
Prostate (male g-spot) the muscle that creates the semen and can be a point of great pleasure if stimulated properly.
Pubococcygeus Muscle the muscle that encircles the base of the penis and the anus.
Perineum (slang is taint) the nerve ending area of skin between the anus and rectum, which can be very pleasurable for a man if stimulated properly.

How to stimulate the penis
A man has two very sensitive spots on his penis that are rich in nerve endings and that is the "V" spot and the taint, when stimulated properly, with the right pressure, this can add to the pleasure and sensation of a man’s orgasm and the length of time it takes to climax, between 4-10 minutes on average.

A man should be able to achieve an orgasm from oral sex in less than ten minutes, sorry to add a timer to it, but done properly most men will have an orgasm in less than ten minutes and be completely satisfied and worship his lovely beautiful wife who took the time to do it!
How to get the process started and what a woman can do to give her some sexual aids for oral sex. The best product for a woman to use while giving oral sex to her husband is a numbing throat spray for the gauge reflux. This is no joke, after a woman has had a child for some unknown reason her gag reflex may become compromised, and a quick spray of desensitizing gel will solve the problem.

One other problem that can occur with a man is the taste of him and the thickness especially if he has had a vasectomy. When a man has had a vasectomy, it can make his sperm more thick. The resolution is a large glass of pineapple juice the night before. Lastly if a woman wants a little help a stroker and some great lubrication can do the job. Place the lubrication on the penis place the stroker to the base of the penis and insert the head in your mouth while moving the stroker up and down. The pressure and release is orgasmic for a man!

If you dont want to use a stroker you can place your hand at the base of the penis and twist gently while placing the head of the penis in your mouth. If you do not want him to ejaculate in your mouth, you simply move your hand from the base to the tip and catch the cum in your hand. Most women can feel when a man is cuming and many men like to shout it out as well.

Last but not least is a remember to stimulate the "V" spot and if a man will allow you to stimulate the prostate, some little vibrating frisky fingers will add to the overall pleasure. For a wife, knowing how to please her husband with oral sex is a great gift for her!

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