Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Great tips for spicing up your Valentine’s Day with your man

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Sexy, romantic, fun, all of these terms come to mind when thinking of the perfect Valentine’s Day. For women who want to do a little something extra for your man, you can turn the tables and give him an evening of pampering and love. Not many men get pampered by their women it is usually the other way around, so why not spice it up and give your honey a special treat for valentine day or evening. The best place to start is in your own room, take the day and create a lovers paradise where the two of you can enjoy a long sexy evening together. Chill the champagne, make some appetizers, get some wonderful bath salts, and don’t forget the candle that turn into warm massage oils. Light a few of those candles around the room for a sensuous glow and drip the warm oil on to your man’s body for an all over massage. Why not add a few rose petals to go around the bath tub for a soft scent of roses with the bright red color to go along with it.

To top off the evening pick out some sexy love songs that will entice him and fill the room with sensuous sounds, smells and you! The last treat on the list is you the woman of his dreams, the love of his life and you are going to look sexy and sensuous in beautiful lingerie with sexy stockings and heels. This is one day that he will never forget and the sweet reward is that both of you can enjoy this Valentine Day gift together.

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