Monday, January 31, 2011

Do you think that erotic novels are the same as pornography?

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How many people think that erotic novels are the same as pornography?

Many times erotic novels are put down or considered smut, but what if those erotic novels could actually help boost the romance in a marriage. Couples who turn toward pornography as a way to boost the sexual desire in the marriage or add some passion to the love making may be let down. The real person who is usually let down by renting a pornographic movie is the woman. Now, if the porno is well written with a story line and made with a woman in mind than that is a diffident story, but if one is scrolling through the television for a quick thrill, then that is going to be very hard to find a porno made for a woman. This is where having a few erotic novels in the toy box with be the perfect addition to some more romantic and passionate sex, especially when it comes to a woman. In one of my many articles I one called MIND SEX and how powerful this can be when a husband can engage his wife’s mind and get her to be in the mood mentally. Reading erotic novels together is one sure way to do this and it leaves all of the guess work out for the husbands. A few great books are recommended below along with a special pick by author Jeannie Ainslie who I interview on blogtalkraido about the difference between erotica and pornography.

This is also a great article to read about it as well

To tune into to hear the interview log on to blogtalkraido

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