Sunday, January 23, 2011

When a man is not able to sexually please his wife

There is something to be said about a man who has not only the love and respect from his wife but also the pure joy of being able to please her sexually.

For the men who have experienced sexually pleasing their wife, they know just how gratifying it can feel to bring a woman such pleasure.

This is a part of marriage that many men especially in countries where woman are not regarded as an equal partner and more of a property will never experience. This even happens in marriages where the couple chooses to get married and the man fails to see the value in pleasing his wife sexually.

Deep connection

The point of this article goes much deeper than just pleasing a woman sexually, it goes against the notion that in many countries and here in the United States where a man thinks that by controlling and dominating his wife he will get the love and respect from her that he deserves. He may falsely get this from her, but she will never give him the opportunity to experience her wanting him sexually in a way that she feels safe enough to let him bring her to orgasm and share that deep connection that comes from this experience. A man will miss out on the true experience of his wife fully and willingly giving herself to him.

Comments from readers
Mentalist acer The easiest debt for me to pay is to give affection to my mate and the reception of affection is always considered a loan;)
There is nothing better than the love and passion of a man who is totally into pleasing his mate. This creates such a deep and fullfilling bond the women will go to the ends of the earth to give back and maintain this blissful union. Great read, it is my wish that every woman can experience this, the time has come! PEACE

Rodolphe Cote
This is a great article. Yes its really a good feeling when a man can give pleasure to the women he loves. For me its quite a while back, but hearing a women making souds of pleasure while making love, brings tears to my eyes. Its so romantic! People should be so much more opened and relaxed while making love!

akirchner The sexiest man is the guy who thinks of his partner first and himself second - or doesn't even think of himself because he actually ENJOYS what's happening to his partner and that is bringing him satisfaction and anticipation. I think it's called the unselfish lover - and truly - women can experience the same thing. Thinking of the other person before yourself in my experience results in better lovemaking and more enjoyment for both parties.

A helping guide to the people who are crossing through such stage. Facts are facts and can not be overlooked even if you want to. Dear DawnM you have once again given an interesting article. Please keep it up.

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