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The story of a vagina and why it sometimes doesn’t work do we really know why?

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In researching information for my new book that will hopefully come out soon, on how a husband can please his wife in more ways than one, I found the research and information on a woman’s vagina to be lacking to say the least!

In fact many of the articles that I did pull up talked about the vagina and then went right into the penis, what a shocker. So in my digging and digging and digging for information, outside of my own realm of knowledge, I did find a few articles that I felt worth the merit of sharing, but before the big presentation about a woman’s vagina, this is what I was in search of.
I was not looking for the anatomy,
but what it takes to get the vagina going,
what happens exactly to a woman’s vagina when stimulated and how exactly can a woman have an orgasm.

Not only that but how does she know she is having an orgasm and is it clitoral? G-spot? Or both? And how can her partner tell?

Let’s face it a woman’s orgasm is elusive, mysterious, and sometimes unpredictable. I can talk about orgasms all day, the clitoral orgasm, the G-spot orgasm the combined G-spot clitoral orgasm. Then there is the fact that she needs to have her mind in the “right frame of mind to have an orgasm” What I don’t know and continue to believe is that the vagina is undiscovered, uncharted territory that needs more information about it, around it and in it! There is an abundance of information on penises and there should be because the penis is located on the outside of a mans body and there is no way that it is not front and center.

A woman’s vagina is located on the inside of her body, hidden, protected, like a diamond in the rough.

These are a few links that if one is interested in they can log on ,each one has a few good points

With the help of ASSECT and other institutes of sexology, many women have already made a huge difference in the world today, but of course we still need more and that is going to come from your everyday woman!
Here is a quick story on my take on the vagina!

Each and every woman owes it to herself and if she is married she owes it to her husband and that is TO GET TO KNOW AND LOVE HER VAGINA! If you are a woman and you have not taken the time to know your own vagina then how are you suppose to share it with your partner?

There will be more to come on this subject but for all women out there today reading this article, pick up a mirror and look at your vagina today. That is your homework, just look at your jewel, your flower, your beautiful wonderful vagina.

The next exercise will be more fun so stay tuned!
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