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Erectile dysfunction and rapid ejaculation

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Erectile dysfunction is a problem that can develop as a result of performance anxiety or it can also be the initial cause then leading to performance anxiety. Many men throughout their lives may experience times of not having control over their erection, ejaculation, or fear of performance. Such isolated episodes of losing an erection do not mean that a man has a sexual dysfunction. They may occur as a result of a temporary physical stress (getting sick, too much alcohol or drug use, even overeating and rapid weight gain), or it may be relate to other problems like anxiety with a new partner, problems ejaculating to quickly, lack of confidence with sexual performance. When a man can understand that this may be normal or just has happened for a short period of time, then he can learn to overcome his anxiety.

The other problem that may occur with erectile dysfunction is when a man is anxious it can trigger the same arousal state in the brain causing a man to prematurely ejaculate even when he is not fully erect. One way to help with both of these problems is to seek help from a sex counselor that can coach a man through his negative thoughts and anxious feelings making it easier for him to be more comfortable and confident when the time does arise for sexual intimacy. These techniques can also be used with a partner and this can be a great benefit for both of the individuals in their relationship.

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