Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Unhappy marriage advice on what to do?

Many people are living in an unhappy marriage. 

They have no idea how to end the marriage or even if they should.  Often, children are involved along with family, financial responsibility and community ties.
All of these aspects make it very difficult to end a marriage

The person who does end the marriage will usually get blamed by the children and others for breaking up the marriage.  Thus, it is very difficult to get out from under an unhappy marriage not to mention the guilt associated with it and the feelings like you failed your family.

What is a person to do in a situation like this?

The best possible resolution is to give oneself a chance to make sure that it is the final decision, get all of the ducks in a row and then take the plunge.  The part where people get stuck is in making a hasty decision and not giving the marriage a chance or one last try, if that is done and the other person is just not going to meet you half way or the behavior that drove you to want to leave is still present then it is time to plan to leave.

When children are involved it is going to be very difficult because they will blame you and feel as though you are breaking up the family.  This adds pressure and pain to an already horrible situation. 
This is where a person needs to get the support of others around them, friends and family that can help with the adjustment and take some of the pressure off of the situation.

Before getting out of an unhappy marriage, make sure that it is the right decision, have a plan of action and make certain to have a good support system in place for you and the children, then put the plan in place and end the marriage.  Life is to short to live in an unhappy marriage.
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