Monday, May 23, 2011

Can sex in a marriage or a long term relationship be kinky?

When we hear about the word kinky and sex together it may make certain people grimace with fear, but the reality is that sex can be very erotic with a little kink added to it. 

For all of my followers who already know about my idea of sex and marriage this may not be so shocking to you, but for others who have just stumbled on to this one article, then give me a moment to explain. 

Kinky is not always a bad connotation it just means “out of the ordinary” and how can that be a bad thing when it comes to sex especially sex in a marriage or long term monogamous relationship. 

The term ordinary and sex after time defiantly make for some boring sex sessions with your spouse and we all know that with years of boring sex in marriage comes unhappiness and cheating.  So why not add some kink into the sex play and see how much fun the sex can be again in the marriage.  Kinky sex can be anything that is out of the ordinary, such as the introduction of a little bondage play, perhaps handcuff or ties. 
Spanking and whipping ones bottom can also be considered a little kinky, and if mastered in just the right way to give a small sting in the correct place on the butt, it can heighten the arousal and stimulate the genital area. One could also use a ball gauge in the mouth or a some sex toys that are not just vibrators but butt beads or anal plugs.  These things are actually considered mildly kinky to the real world of super kink, but that is not really what I am trying to get across here.

What I am saying is that couples should go outside of ordinary sex box in any long term monogamous relationship because it can be fun ,exciting and with a person that you love and trust.  Kinky adult movies are another form of erotic play.  Watching the move together as a couple can be exciting too.  The next time that you hear the word kinky sex take the time to understand that it just may be what the doctor ordered for an otherwise boring sex life...
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busco amo 2011 said...

Different concept and ideas about this matter but if you are into wanting to make a relationship last you must be sensitive enough to notice non-verbal actions of your partner as well as the ability to take charge and fix it all.

Dawn Michael said...

Thank-you for your comment.