Sunday, April 1, 2012

Enjoying sex in the moment

The art of being able to enjoy sex in the moment is one of the most difficult concepts for people to understand. One way to explain it in simpler terms is to compare it to a great movie; you let the movie take you over, not expecting, or wanting to get to the end. Enjoying sex in the moment also takes the pressure off of the experience. Pressure to perform in any sexual way can stop a person form having an orgasm.

As a professional sexologist and therapist, I have both men and women who have anxiety issues when it comes to having sex. People tend to view sex as a duty or a way to achieve orgasm instead of just the enjoyment of sex itself. The sexual intimacy that two people have during sex can be even better when the expectations are no longer there.

How to enjoy sex in the moment:

1. Don’t go into the sexual experience expecting an outcome.

2. Don’t make the sexual experience about the orgasm

3. Do focus your sexual attention on your partner the way they feel, look, ect.

4. Take the time to experience something new for yourself, change positions.

5. Look at sex as fun, enjoyment, an expression of sensuality and sexuality.

6. Introduce a new sex toy, new lubrication, body paint, or massage oil….add some flavor to the experience.

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