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Sex play with submission and domination in your marriage

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Sex play using domination and submission has been an erotic sexual act that has been around for centuries.

Couples using role play during sex creating a scene where domination and submission can be role played out in a safe environment. Many couples find it enjoyable to add sex play in their marriage, especially when it comes to domination and submission. One way to ease a partner into this form of role playing is to act out each others fantasies taking on a new character, becoming someone else. The top can be the man or the woman meaning the domme. The roles can be switched been couples with the man be submissive and the woman being dominant the other way around.

Adding fun sex toys to the mix can be fun, and there are many beginners’ bondage kits available, from fun furry cuffs with feathers and duster, to more hard core paddles, masks, and other bondage apparatus.
The Domme can be either the man or the women in the marriage and many times men are willing to allow their wives to take over, and be in charge.

Women also love to be taken by their husbands so the roles can be change.d The one point is that both of you are truly enjoying each other and the experience of the sexual act.

When beginning to get into the submissive sex play, take the time to communicate a “word” that means to stop or a safe word as they call it. Taking on the role of the Domme can certainly bring out the animal in anyone so make sure to play it safe. 

For more information on this subject or to learn how to work it into your relationship contact sex counselor Dawn Michael

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