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Married couples who have a sexual tool box

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What is a sexual tool box for married couples you may ask?

This is the box or place, drawer, cabinet, closet, that you keep your stash of toys and goodies that you and your spouse share with each other in the bedroom. I believe that every married couple should have a sexual tool box and they should fill it with their own unique stash of goodies that they have selected just for each other to use together. This sexual tool box does not have to start off with every sexual gadget in the world, in fact it can have no sexual gadgets in it at all, but of course that would not be as fun.

The reason that a sexual tool box is so absolutely wonderful to have as a married couples is it shows that you and your spouse know how to really enjoy each other sexually and have come to the point in your marriage where you feel open enough to try new things. You may ask what goes into a couple’s sexual tool box and of course this would depend on each couple and how long they have had their tool box for. Some couples have fun sex games, sexy outfits, lubricants of course, sex toys if they like, massage oils, erotic novels that can be read together, sexy DVD’s, the sky’s the limit with what couples can put into their sexual tool box. There may even be a few different types of tool boxes for unique occasions during the month.

If you don’t have a sexual tool box in your marriage, there is no need to feel bad about it or that you are missing out and you may even be the type of married couple who just likes to enjoy each other without any additives, but those that want to add a little passion to the sex in the marriage, creating a sexual tool box with your spouse can be a lot of fun. One place to get started is of course with lubrication or other stimulating gels, these are product that as we age almost all married couples will have to purchase at one time or another. The sexual tool box can be filled with lingerie and stocking, sashes and belts, fun bondage accessories and of course there are adult toys. There are all sorts of Vibrators such as the

 Rabbit Vibrators, clitoral vibrator ,  dildo vibrators,  g-spot vibrator, mini vibrators, Toy Friend

The list goes on and on.  Many couples can also get started by getting a lovers beginners kit such as:  Nouveau Lovers Kit, Regard Indiscret , Agent Secret , Lure Shower Seduction and more.

The point of the sexual tool box is that you and your spouse share it together, it is your secret box that you have when you want to add a little spice or passion to the sex play in your marriage. 


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