Wednesday, March 2, 2011

When did the idea of self pleasure become a sin?

The topic of self pleasure has caused a mind blowing amount of negative connotation, throughout the centuries.

I am referring to masturbation but I am also refereeing to more than just masturbation, what feels good mentally and physically. Why is there such a negative label put on the term masturbation when in scientific terms it is as natural as scratching an itch. The reason that it has such a negative stigma is that many people think that by denying their bodies the pleasure of masturbation they will somehow be in control of their sexual self. This is in fact the complete opposite effect on most people when denied to masturbate.

This can be looked at as sexual starvation in terms of our animal instinct like food, water, shelter, sleep. All of these elements are natural, nature intended to keep our bodies running at optimal levels when we can regulate this part of our life in harmony and moderation. The extreme of course is over indulgence, and that is not good to overindulge our bodies either in anything. When any of these natural elements are taken away from us as humans or made to feel shame over than it can become a dysfunction. Just as one may starve themselves of food and become anorexia or extremely overindulged and become obese, the same principal can be said for starving our bodies from sexual release or over indulging our bodies and masturbate excessively.

People in their purest human form are of animal instinct and our basic need to release our sexual urges as our animal selves does not just go away. One of the safest and most natural ways to release sexual tension is through masturbation.
The fact is the more that we can as a society talk openly about self pleasing in the form of masturbation than the more it can become acceptable in society.

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