Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The shocking facts on masturbation in marriage on The Happy Spouse Adult Show

When a person gets married does it mean that they are no longer suppose to masturbate or if they do, should it be kept a secret from their spouse?

These are a few of the questions that many people ask me as a sex counselor and marriage counselor. In fact these are the most commonly asked questions but not necessary the ones that people really want to know, those question are the ones we will be talking about. This week on The Happy Spouse Adult Show on blogtalkradio we will be openly talking about masturbation in marriage the good, the bad and the addicted.
The topics that will be discussed are:

Male masturbation through on line pornography sites, is it alright or out of control?

Masturbation to achieve orgasm.

Masturbation because of sexless marriage.

Different and unconventional ways that people masturbate (this you don’t want to miss).

Fears surrounding masturbation.
Couples masturbating together.

The positive aspects of masturbation in marriage.

The negative aspect of masturbation in marriage.

Sex products used for masturbation, dolls, vagina and ass, stokers, vibrators, and more.

For questions that you may want answered on the live show e-mail to dawn@thehappyspouse.com or tune in this Thursday March 17th at noon standard pacific time to blogtalkradio and call in with your questions 1 (805) 285-9800 or call in through Skype.

Have a happy day from your L.A sex counselor and marriage counselor Dawn Michael visits me at The Happy Spouse. For appointments with Dawn Michael go to http://www.thehappyspouse.com/
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