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How a woman can get her sexual desire back

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Bringing Back Your Sex Drive

For women who have lost their sex drive, this article is for you. When a woman no longer feels sexy about herself she may have a hard time being passionate with her spouse or partner. Sex may become a chore rather than a pleasure or an exciting release. Many times after a woman has had children, been in a committed relationship for a time or is approaching her late forties or fifty’s she may notice that the once fun passionate spited girl she used to be is somehow gone. The good news is that a woman can get her sexual Mojo back.

Whether you are short, fat, big, tall, small breasts, big breasts, athletic, curvy, slim, fabulous, the point is, it does not matter what you are on the outside, it matters how you feel on the inside. Sexy comes from the inside and then radiates througout your whole body sending off energy and pheromones that you may not even have realized you are capable of producing.

The very best way a woman can get back her sexual Mojo back is to get her butt moving again!

These are a few ways to exercise your body and feel sexy at the same time. When we move our bodies we not only get the cardiovascular benefit but we are also engaging our mind and body so that they work together again.

These are 6 wonderful exercises to move your butt and feel sexy at the same time.

1. Put the music on at home and start dancing, lock the bedroom door and dance your heart out. Make sure the music is sexy, raunchy and makes you want to shake your bum.

2. Grab a girl friend and go out to a club and go dancing, put on the shoes, the dress, the hair, the makeup and let loose.

3. Take up salsa dancing with your spouse or on your own, the Latin dance is sure to get the blood flowing in all the right places.

4. Go to a zumba dance class at your local gym, and shake it up.

5. Yoga is another way to get in touch with your body; it stretches women in all of the right places and makes the body more flexible and firm.

6. Pole dancing class. Get in tip top shape and feel sexy at the same time.

Get your mind to start thinking sexy thoughts that bring the sexual desire back into your body
1. Fantasize about something that turns you on.

2. Read a trashy romance novel that makes you hot.

3. Put on some sexy lingerie and heels and walk around your room, lay in your bed with satin sheets and touch yourself.

Masterbation is third on the list

In a study by Athena Science It says

"A woman who has regular sex with her partner or even is sexual with herself will release more sexual pheromones to the opposite sex, “Cutler's other studies show women who have sex with men at least once a week have regular menstrual cycles and fewer fertility and menopause problems, apparently because of exposure to pheromones.”

4. Touch your body regularly.

5. Get your self turned on, by using sex toys or even with your own hand, there is nothing that will put you in the mood more than to wake up body parts that have been asleep for years?

6. If you don’t use it you will lose it, this is very true for a woman, a woman must use it! Use it often on your own or with your spouse, partner, or lover.

Women I can guarantee you one thing and that is if you play with yourself often you will begin to want it more, it will create a chain reaction in your body and release hormones that need to be woken up.

7. Flirt, yes you can flirt innocently, but allow yourself to be a little flirty, womanly. One of the best ways to do this is to give a man a compliment. Try out your flirty ways on your husband, and see how it pays to give your man a compliment.

The best advice is always to be kind to yourself, love yourself and take care of yourself. Life is too short to not have experienced a great sex life, or never experience what it’s like to have passion in your life. Take charge of your inner woman and bring passion back to your body.

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