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How to grow my penis larger fact or fiction

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This is a topic that many men want to understand, penis length. 
What man doesn't want to know if they can truly enlarge their penis or is this just a gimmick or myth.

There are many different advertisers out in the market that will tell a man that he can take a quick pill and have increased penis size. In fact, yes it may make the penis seem instantly larger because the blood fills the penis at a faster rate but it does not increase the size. The fact that some pills do make the blood flow faster to the penis may indeed be a solution for some men and they can benefit from taking the pill for that reason alone.

The reality of taking a pill that adds inches to the penis, I have personally never seen. What I have recommended to men is good health and exercise. I also will recommend a product at the end of this article that I have had men say has truly had about a 50% success rate, whether it was as stated bringing the blood to the penis faster or they did follow the instructions and were about to stretch the penis enough to add a few inches to the length is different with each man.

One true fact remains and that is for any man, there is a fat pad located at the base of the penis and the plumper that fat pad gets the small the penis will appear, so by having a leaner body the fat pad will be less plump.

Men are more concerned with their penis size then women, and this has lead to all kinds of different fetishes, from cuckolding to small penis humiliation, to exposing oneself.  So much of a man's ego gets tied into the size of his penis and if his penis is able to please his partner.

The question that I get asked by most men is does my penis size matter to a woman, the answer is yes and no, some women like a little bit larger penis, but too large she can't accommodate in her vagina.  Does a woman have a problem with a tiny penis over under average penis, yes some women do and then others do not.  From the information that I have gathered over the years, when women are shown a mans penis they will gravitate towards about 6' inches which is approximately the length of her vaginal opening when she is aroused.

For more helpful information please contact Dawn to make an appointment or answer questions and please feel free to leave your comments below!

As promised a few products that I recommend for the blood to flow quicker to the penis for a stronger erection.

Penis pump, click picture for more information and VigRx Oil to help with stronger erection

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