Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Understanding your sexual issues and what to do about them

So many people have some form of sexual problem at a point in their lives, but they don’t know who to talk to about them? 

This issue can be in a relationship, marriage or just personal sexual problems that keep an individual from living a healthy sex life. 

Whatever the issues are surrounding sexuality there is help and that can come in the form of seeing a sex counseloror sex coach.  Many times traditional types of therapy will not be the answer for sexual dysfunction.  A sex counselor or coach can be a person who is educated in therapy but also is taught about sexual health issues and human sexuality.

Human sexuality is extremely complex and the reason why, is that sex is a natural part of every human being, but in each person’s upbringing and in society that person is taught how to understand their sexuality, sex drive, and how it’s supposed to be looked upon as “normal” or right.  This is why a simple act of bringing pleasure to oneself can be made to feel shamed upon, looked down upon or told that they are somehow are unholy or not “normal”.

Sexual desire is squelched often times and people hide their true sexual self and this then creates numerous problems for them in relationships where intimacy is involved.  Having a healthy sexual view about oneself and healthy sexual expression to enjoy sex is a part of one’s simple pleasures in life.

As a sex counselor with my clients one of the first questions that a person asks is am I “normal” we talk about is their idea of shame and guilt surrounding their sexuality.  Then we go into some solutions and techniques involved in helping a person to get past their sexual issues and idea of what is normal or healthy for them sexually.  Sex coaching is a way to give information on sexuality and to solve sexual dysfunction in a relationship or a personal life.  One of the biggest mind shifts after seeing a sex counselor for many people is that their sexual issues were not being “normal” are put to rest and acceptance and understating can then take place.  Human sexuality in each person is unique and expressing it and that expression of it is personal to each and every person. 
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