Monday, October 10, 2011

Having orgasms as a way to strengthen a relationship and relieve pain

A woman and a man cuddling in bed.Image via WikipediaHaving regular orgasms is an important part of bonding and can help to relieve pain.

The fact that two people are able to orgasm together brings each other pleasure and is a wonderful release producing hormones that make a person feel better.

One of those hormones that is released is oxytocin and this is a powerful natural painkiller, responsible for bonding. The part about reduction of pain is fascinating and has been research that I have studied over the years. As a Sex Therapist working with clients that have chronic pain symptoms,  orgasms have been a part of the natural pain relief. The one aspect about achieving orgasm is also getting the body to relax, this is part of the mind body experience is learned over time.

As a woman each month goes through menstrual pain, one of the best ways to relieve this pain naturally is by having orgasms. The wonderful aspect about orgasm is that it can be a solo act or one that is shared.

Watch video on women and orgasm

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