Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How to improve sex in your relationship

Sex shop (BDSM)-01Image via WikipediaAs a sex therapist helping people to improve sex in their relationship, I recommend that couples open the lines of communication surrounding sex.

Most people have no problem having sex or unsatisfactory sex, but have a problem discussing it. Talking about what one likes to their partner still seems a bit taboo. The sad part about all of this is that the sex continues to deteriorate and gets old and boring in many relationships. As humans we have sexual animal instincts as well as a hunger for variety. The human mind is complex and sex in the same position with the same person over time can become unfulfilled in any relationship.

Ideas on how to add some excitement back into the sex is being able to talk about each others fantasies, experimenting with sex and checking in with your partner as to what feels good or not. Another way to help improve sex is to make it fun and playful, adding role play, erotic stories, sex toys or adult DVD’s. One suggestion that I give couples is to go out on a date night to a sex shop together, and see if anything there  stimulates the imagination.

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