Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Submissive Husband

I told him to get down on his knee's and look up at me. 

I am in control of your orgasms as your wife and you will listen to me.  He looked up at me with passion in his eyes and nodded.  I then told him to rise and put his hands to his side.  I placed a chastity belt on his penis, locked it and put the key in my bra.  "I am now in control of your orgasms do you understand me?  You cannot touch yourself unless you ask me."  He nodded his head in response.  I told him to get dressed and ready for work.  He put his slacks on, his pressed blue shirt, Armani STRIPED SILK DRESS TIE,  jacket, cufflinks and alligator shoes.  We stepped out of the bedroom and everything changed.

 I was now domestic around the house and he was off to run his multimillion dollar company.

 A submissive husband is not a concept that most women understand.  The husband may be dominant in the business world and around others, but when it come to sex he prefers for his wife to be in control!

In American cultural the men are suppose to be dominant sexually, but this is not always the case.  There are some men who dominate their business life to the extent that they want to let lose and be dominated in the bedroom.  They feel a sense of relief when they can just be told what to do by their wives sexually, and not have to initiate or be responsible for controlling their sex lives all the time.

Some men have found a happy marriage where they can freely explore this type of sex play.  The idea that a man may get sexually excited by a woman being in control if looked at from another perspective may not be all that unusual.  As couples mature together sexually it can become boring or not very appealing to have sex the same way every time.  If we compare sexual desire to our taste in food we can see that over time our food choices change.  What might have tasted great when we were younger or we would not try at all seems to be interesting and delicious as we mature.  Even our taste buds change as we age, they dull and something spicy foods may become exciting or something sweet may be too sweet.  We also tend to try new spices as we mature.  The same goes for our sexual appetites.  Adding role play to the sexual routine may add the needed spices to make the meal all that much more flavorful.  Role play and change in who always controls sex can be a great way to allow a man to let go, relax and have fun.  Women who are able to let go and be dominate with their husbands from time to time have also reported a happier sex life, where they feel empowered using their feminine strength to excite him.  Women learn how to tap into their dominate feminine side using their sexuality to tease, excite and control their man's sexual desire and sexual response.

A woman taking over in the bedroom may be the dash of spice that her husband has been longing for.  As a clinical sexologist I recommend that couples talk about their sex lives with one another, and use the comparison of food to make it easier to talk about sex in a fun a playful way.  

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