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The healthy dominant man as opposed to the abusive dominant man in marriage

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Male dominance in society
The definition that I used in my article How a man can gain the male dominance back in his marriage is based on the respect that a husband and wife have for each other in the marriage. Respect however goes deeper than many may understand in the male mind. This is where a man and a woman will vary in the degree of respect that they show to one another. When a normal loving couple marries they have a relationship biased on a partnership, but in society man are still viewed differently than woman.
In the society that we live in, whether or not we want to admit it, we still live in a male dominated society. Therefore a husband that has been stripped of his male dominance in his marriage by his wife or better said allows it to happen he is going to be a husband that will not perform to his best in society. A man in his marriage that is respected as a man by his wife is going to feel better about himself and his masculinity in society, thus performing better.

The healthy dominant man in a marriage
What does the healthy dominant man look like in a marriage, it comes down to the realization on the woman’s part that her husband needs her to see him as a man that can protect her, take care of her and provide for her (basic male traits, conscious and unconscious).
Most men want their wives to look at them as this type of man. ( I am talking about a typical male) A man also wants his wife to desires him, and be attracted to him. Men that have this respect from their wives feel good about their marriage, children and family. They want to come home from work to this wonderful woman, mother, partner and best friend. They brag about her to their male friends about what a beautiful wife they have and how lucky they are . They walk around with an air of confidence.

This is the absolute power that a woman has with her husband; the ability to lift him up like no other person in his life. She also has the power to bring him down.

This is not about him dominating her or controlling her in any way; this is about her respecting his male dominance in the marriage, his manlyhood.

The idea that male dominance does not exist in society is ridiculous, many woman are biologically attracted to a man that has male dominant traits, because it is an innate biological conditioning that equates to her safety and survival when she has children.

This ritual of male dominance plays itself out in the dating scene, in sports, politics, work, and in marriage. Many of your happily married couples that have been together for some time and do not end up being the static of divorce have the thread of a male dominate husband, meaning that he is respected as a man in his home. Not to say that he should not do the dishes, take care of the children, vacuum, and cook dinner when he can. A man is capable of being a dominant male and still being a partner with his wife equally and a loving father. The difference is in the way that she treats him. She knows that when she allows her husband to be the man of the house, she is giving him the opportunity to rise to the occasion.

Many times the woman really have the control of the home, even when speaking in religious terms, the husband may be the king but the wife is the queen of her home and of her marriage.

She is not a push over; she is tough, smart and can take care of herself if she wanted to. This is not about a meek or weak woman. This is not about a man that is abuse to his wife or disrespectful.
Abusive dominating males

A man that does not treat his wife with love and respect is not worthy of being treated like a dominate male in his home by his wife.

An abusive dominating male is in fact a male that is insecure and weak. An abusive dominating male does not protect his wife and family he terrorizes his wife and family.
An abusive dominating male is a male that should not have the gift of a woman in his life! A man that yells and screams at his wife and shows her disrespect and treats her unkindly is not a man that a woman will respect! That is a man acting like a bully and an abusive dominating male which by the way is extremely unattractive to women.

If this is a man that a woman has chosen to be her husband than she needs to seek help to get out of a bad marriage. A man that is abusive to a woman is not a decent man by any standards.

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Husband and wife

This article and the one before it were intended for a married couple that has a loving relationship and has lost their way. A marriage where there is no more desire or passion for one another, where a man does not want to come home from work, or where a wife is so angry at her husband that she has lost her respect for him, needs help. Both husband and wife contribute to the marriage and the respect that they have for one another is paramount. In most healthy marriages a man and a woman understand the balance between husband, wife, lover, parent and partner and respect that balance and role in the marriage .

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