Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tantric Sex with your spouse can add more intimacy to your love life

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One of the great’s gifts that a husband and wife can give to each other is a healthy active sex life. One of the main problems in most marriages is that the sex life gets put on the back burner or just becomes a routine where it is no longer enjoyable. When a couple can explore Tantric Sex together it will open up new possibilities to the intimacy in the marriage.

Tantric Sex can be watched on a DVD or read over in a book and then the couple can practice it with each other.  A sex counselor can also guide the couple and give them information on Tantric Sex.  With Tantric Sex the couple can explore new positions together and new erotic zones with the body.  The other benefit of Tantric Sex includes time for the couple to slow down the love making session and get to know each other’s bodies in a new sensual way evoking unexpected passion in the bedroom.

Tantric Sex is healing for sexual tension or performance anxiety taking the pressure off of the climax and on to the enjoyment of the moment. Tantric Sex is not about reaching the end goal of orgasm but more in the prolonging of the pleasure sometimes even forgoing an orgasm to save the build up for the next love making session.

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