Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Watching too much pornography can lead to unhealthy sexual patterns?

There is such a things as “too much of a good thing!”   Allow me to define a healthy amount of pornography and masturbation as opposed to over indulgence. 
As a clinical sexologist, I have helped many people understand the difference between porn addiction, over desensitization, sexual pattern, and how to manage their sex lives.  There is a direct correlation with watching pornography, masturbation, and developing a sexual pattern. 
Now if you plan on being alone for the rest of your life, no human contact or ever dating and having sex with another person then watching porn by yourself endlessly can be your partner.  Most people though like having a “real sex partner”, lover, marriage, relationship over” just a life time of solo masturbation.”
Let me break this down into simple terms, watching too much porn and masturbating the same way each time, is going to create a sexual pattern, and this is going to make “real sex” with a “real person” more difficult.  The problem mainly occurs with men but a fair share of women get hooked on their vibrators and the same sexual pattern can happen there as well.  The brain gets used to the continued pattern by which a person orgasms.  Continued masturbation in the same way each time sets up the pattern, when involved with a partner that pattern is hard to break, especially if it is done consistently and over a long period of time,
Solutions to this ever growing problem?
Change it up, and do it often…….. Changing your sexual pattern is important; if you masturbate a certain way try a different hand or new way to stimulate yourself.  Use your imagination to masturbate too, give all the outside stimulation a break and think about what feels good on your own.  Connecting the mind and body is important for both a man and women to understand how to think outside the box sexually.  I am not saying that you can’t have some outside stimulation, like a video, magazine or sex toy, but make it a once and a while “a treat” rather than the experience.  Don’t let you sexual pattern ruin your sex life!

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