Monday, September 16, 2013

How to achieve an orgasm during intercourse for a woman

Most women are not able to achieve an orgasm during intercourse without direct clitoral stimulation.  Women assume that there is something wrong with them because they are not able to have an orgasm during intercourse.  Unless a women spontaneously has one (which is far and few), a woman must learn how to do it.  It is possible to have an orgasm during intercourse by a woman positioning herself where the mans penis is directly stimulating her clitoris.  That is just the first step, the second step is connecting her body to her mind and being excited enough to get to that point where she is able to let go.

In my practice as a clinical sexologist and marriage counselor this is one of the exercises that I teach couples how to do so that a women can enjoy many orgasms during intercourse without the need of a vibrator or even direct clitoral stimulation with a finger.  The female body is amazing, releasing all of the natural hormones and chemicals associated with her orgasm .

Continued orgasm with a partner will increase the pleasure for both a man and women also enhancing the bond between them. 

 It is the bodies natural drug for women wanting to stay attached to their partners and come back for more.  The opposite is also true if a women is having sexual intercourse for many years and not orgasmic this will lead to increased frustration and a lack of desire with her partner.

For a women to get to the point where she is able to enjoy orgasm through intercourse there are a few major components that go into it.  This is both psychological and physical in nature. 

A women's sexual desire is related to her partner in many ways, does she feel safe with him? Is she attracted to him?  Is she turned on by him?  Does she feel comfortable sexually with him?  All of this contributes to her having an orgasm. 

In a situation like this when I work with couples I give them a series of exercises to do at home, then ask for them to report back on the progress.  Much of what we discuss is also on the anatomy of the body, how a body functions sexually, and for women it can be quite complicated.  One of the biggest mistakes that couples do is rush into intercourse, not allowing the female body to to expand and be ready to accept penetration.  This can involve the female mind and her concerns with the relationship, desire and wanting to be penetrated. 

After several sessions of intimacy counseling couples get to know each others bodies well enough to know when intercourse should happen and the positions that are best involved in helping a women to reach orgasm during intercourse.  For some women it is different than others as well as the angle and size of her partners penis.  Some women may also have a tipped uterus and it can be tipped up or down or not at all.  The most important factor is to take the time to get educated on how the sexual body and mind work and begin to incorporate it into ones sex life.  There is nothing better in a relationship than having wonderful intimate sex, where a couple can connect on a deeper level. 

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