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Husbands that are good lovers knows their wife’s vagina is unique to her

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What man has not struck gold in his life when he can bring his wife to orgasm, he now has the golden tick or the secret love recipe.

The truth is that yes he may have found the sweet spot on his former girlfriend and brought her to orgasm but what he doesn’t know is that her vagina and its function is not going to be the same with his wife. Often times a man will use the same technique with his wife and find that he is not bringing her to orgasm and assume that something may be wrong with her when in fact he just needs to experiment a little more. The other factor that goes into the equation is that she may also thinks her husband’s knows what he is doing and many times will blame herself for not being able to orgasm.

We now have two people who love each other but are becoming frustrated with their sex lives. A woman’s vulva (vagina, clitoris, inner lips, and outer lips) is very different in each woman the way it looks and how she may get stimulated. Some women require more stimulation, some require less, some women like to have then entire vulva played with and others may like to focus on the clitoris and g-spot. Another point that is important is for a woman to also know about her own vagina and what feels good to her so that she can show her husband, and in the same token a husband has to be open to wanting to please his wife. The sole purpose if this article is to let a husband know that his wife may not be turned on in the same way that he may have turned pleased another woman on. This does not mean that he is not a good lover or that there is something wrong with his wife but to understand the fact that her vagina may be very different.
Oral sex is one of the most misunderstood areas of sexual stimulation from women to women. What may have brought one woman to orgasm screaming with pleasure; May actually over stimulate another women and cause her irritation or even pain. This is why for both a husband and wife understanding that different vaginas require different stimulation thorough communication and touching with one another will help to achieve better sex and better sexual intimacy in the marriage.
The solution to this problem is for a husband and wife to not assume that a past technique or experience is the answer to a woman’s orgasm but to take the time to know each woman’s vagina individually. The best way to get to know a woman vagina is to have her place her hand on her husband’s and show him what she likes, the pressure, the movement, the rhythm. The same goes for oral sex and intercourse, make it a game and ask questions, have fun with the experience and vaginal exploration. Take the time to get to know each other’s bodies, this may even be after 10 years of marriage because bodies also change with age and what may have worked 10 years ago no longer words now. Do change up the sex in marriage, don’t get into a routine, work on it and have fun with it that is the whole point of really having a great sexual experience with your spouse.
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