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Erotic novel book review "Secrets" volume 10 by Dawn Michael

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Turn up the heat because this erotic novel is sizzling hot for women, couples and men. 
This is not a new novel but one that I sex counselor will recommend to my clients who may need a little help in spiceing up their sex life.  The book has four short stories in it and one of my favorites is the one call The Sacrifice by Kathryn Anne Doubois.  For any woman who needs to feel the desire again this is a wonderful book to heat up the passion in your own body.  The book can also be read to each other as a couple, including role play and teasing.

One expert form the book
"The Sacrifice"
The story is about Anastasia Bedovier a young lady who has taken vows of chastity to become a nun.  Before she denies her sensuality forever, she is taken to the Count Maxwells house of pleasure to test her strength of sexual desire.  She is shown scenes of lusty women with men and touched in places that no man has touched before, leaving her with thoughts and feeling that are of shame and pleasure mixed together.

To hear the chapter being read go to The Happy Spouse Adult Show blogtalkradio titled "mind sex"

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